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Colorado Corporate and Commercial Law Services

One of the challenges associated with starting a business in Colorado is knowing which business structure works best for your company. The best way to determine this is to ensure you have a firm understanding of both your company and personal goals. Once you have discussed your options with a skilled corporate attorney, you can […]

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Business Law

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Estate planning is a necessity whether you are single, married, or if you are young or approaching retirement. Having access to a law firm who will take the time to understand your specific needs is important. At Sacco Law Firm, LLC we handle both simple and complex estate plans. Our unique and affordable approach to […]

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Wills Probate

Cyberlaw: E-Business & Information Technology Transactions

Cyberlaw is a unique area of practice which many law firms do not understand. There are numerous considerations which must be dealt with as they occur and some that require advance planning. Whether you are a software company just starting out, or you are a developer who needs assistance with distribution, we understand the complexities […]

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cyber law

Intellectual Property Law

As a business owner, your business name, logo and identity are important. Your business intellectual property is not only the name you select for your business but also artwork, phrases, or words you use in commerce. It is vital that you protect this work by ensuring your trademark is properly registered. On the other hand, […]

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intellectual property law

Collection Law for Debtors and Creditors

Certain federal and state guidelines must be followed when collecting certain consumer debts. The penalties for failure to follow these procedures can be harsh. Sacco Law Firm LLC advises clients throughout the collection process. At Sacco Law Firm, LLC we can help with: Judgment Collection and Asset Investigation Asset/Collateral/Repossession Complex Creditor/Debtor Negotiations Creditor Protection in […]

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Collection Law

Colorado Real Estate and Property Law

Representing Residential and Commercial Landlord/Tenants in Colorado Landlord/Tenant Law can be complex as many specific rules apply differently to landlords than to tenants. Both landlords and tenants have rights under Colorado lawand we are here to assist both landlords and tenants in Greeley, Windsor, Evans, Fort Collins, Fort Morgan, Brush, Weld County, and Larimer County. […]

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real estate purchase agreement with keys and a small red house - property law practice area image

Asset and Business Liability Protection Planning

When you are a business owner, you should never overlook the personal liability you could potentially encounter. Many preliminary steps can be taken in order to shield your personal assets from attachment in the event a judgment is obtained against your business. Minimizing Personal Liability from Business Lawsuits When your company is sued, it may […]

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Arrest Record Sealing and Expungement

Having a criminal record can prevent you from being considered for certain jobs, impact your ability to find housing, and in some instances, can prevent you from obtaining student loans. Having your records sealed or expunged can help. There are strict rules in Colorado about sealing and expunging of records. Criminal and Drug Arrests If […]

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Criminal record arrest/expungement

Marijuana Business Law

With the legalization of marijuana, an entirely new landscape of legal issues has emerged. We can help business owners navigate the various legal problems they can encounter while doing business in Colorado. Representing Colorado Retail Marijuana Businesses As a retail dispensary, there are numerous regulatory rules you must follow. Additionally, there are tax matters, employment […]

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man stacking legos with words like compliance, laws, regulations and control written on them - marijuana compliance practice area image

Representing Agricultural, Industrial Hemp and CBD Businesses

Register your Hemp Cultivation with the Colorado Department of Agriculture Rules and Regulations for low CBD Marijuana and Hemp cultivation have relaxed and Colorado is now processing Agricultural and Industrial Hemp Applications. Register your CBD or Hemp Manufacturing business as a Commodity Handler In accordance with standard department procedures, the Colorado Department of Agriculture requires […]

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As technology continues to influence the business and financial sectors, the Cryptocurrency legal field is quickly developing in response to expanding markets, including bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and other alternative digital or cryptocurrencies. Not only has our firm advised cryptocurrency businesses for years, our firm also accepts cryptocurrency for payment of any and all legal services. […]

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