Arrest Record Sealing and Expungement

Criminal record arrest/expungement

Having a criminal record can prevent you from being considered for certain jobs, impact your ability to find housing, and in some instances, can prevent you from obtaining student loans. Having your records sealed or expunged can help. There are strict rules in Colorado about sealing and expunging of records.

Criminal and Drug Arrests

If you are charged with a criminal or drug offense, and you are not convicted, you may petition to have the record sealed or removed from the public. However, there are certain conditions which must be met. If you were found not guilty of the crime for which you were arrested, the record can be expunged. The same applies to certain situations where you have completed a diversion program.

Drug arrests have certain requirements which went into effect after 2011. Before you are eligible to have the record sealed or expunged, you must have met certain conditions which are laid out in Colorado statutes.

Since every case is different, we strongly recommend you speak with an attorney to determine if your arrest is eligible. Sacco Law Firm, LLC can help you with the necessary petitions if you are eligible for sealing or expungement.

Juvenile Arrest Records in Colorado

Except for certain violent crimes and felony convictions, juvenile records are eligible for expungement. Unconditional release from sentence that occurred three years or more ago are also eligible for expungement. Since this process is complicated, it is strongly recommended you obtain legal representation to assit with your petition as even minor errors in the petition could delay the sealing or expungement of records.

If you believe your arrest record, or juvenile crime record is eligible for sealing or expungement, contact Sacco Law Firm, LLC and let us help you get a fresh start. Once your record has been cleared or sealed, a new world of opportunity could be open for you.