Cyberlaw: E-Business & Information Technology Transactions

cyber law

Cyberlaw is a unique area of practice which many law firms do not understand. There are numerous considerations which must be dealt with as they occur and some that require advance planning.

Whether you are a software company just starting out, or you are a developer who needs assistance with distribution, we understand the complexities involved in these transactions and the need for solid contracts which preserve your intellectual property rights. At Sacco Law Firm, LLC we can:

  • Represent your software company from startup to deployment and everything in between
  • Represent small and large software developers
  • Help with the internet, software, and hardware development and distribution

Today’s businesses depend heavily on hardware and software not only for their internal use, but also to ensure they have an internet presence. This creates a unique set of problems that should be addressed before they have an opportunity to cause you problems, and ultimately cost you money.

If you are considering starting an E-business in Colorado, or you need assistance with information technology transactions, contact Sacco Law Firm, LLC today. We have the skills and experience you need and if we are unable to assist you directly, we may be able to help you find someone with the expertise you need.