Intellectual Property Law

intellectual property law

As a business owner, your business name, logo and identity are important. Your business intellectual property is not only the name you select for your business but also artwork, phrases, or words you use in commerce. It is vital that you protect this work by ensuring your trademark is properly registered. On the other hand, it is equally important to ensure that your intellectual property does not infringe upon another. Regardless of form, Someone infringing on your trademark could confuse potential customers.

Additionally, you have the right to copyright your sales materials, flyers, and other materials designed for public use to avoid having them used by a competitor. The process of trademarks and copyrights can be confusing and lengthy and mistakes can prove costly to your business.

Many small business owners avoid seeking trademark protection because they feel they are unnecessary. However, in today’s world, brand protection is significant given the ease of which company information can be accessed.

At Sacco Law Firm, LLC we understand the intricate process of applying for trademarks and copyrights. We also have a complete understanding of the necessary registration requirements to ensure your materials are not used illegally by others. Contact our offices today and let us help you protect your business’s intellectual property.