Marijuana Business Law

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With the legalization of marijuana, an entirely new landscape of legal issues has emerged. We can help business owners navigate the various legal problems they can encounter while doing business in Colorado.

Representing Colorado Retail Marijuana Businesses

As a retail dispensary, there are numerous regulatory rules you must follow. Additionally, there are tax matters, employment law, leases, zoning requirements, and transactional issues which must be dealt with. We understand the complexity involved in these issues when you are a retail provider of marijuana, and we can help you be prepared for any issue which you may face.

Representing Colorado Medical Marijuana Businesses

Medical marijuana businesses face a number of state and local regulations which must be adhered to. Whether you are attempting to expand your business, sell your business, or you need help managing the various regulations, contact Sacco Law Firm, LLC today and let us help guide you through the maze of rules to keep your business in compliance with Colorado laws.

Personal Possession/Cultivation Consultations

Possession of up to one ounce of marijuana is legal in Colorado, and includes resin, plants, and seeds for those over the age of 21. However, there are still federal laws in place which could create problems for legal possession. Additionally, you have the right to grow a certain amount of marijuana on your property which is generally governed by the number of people in your home. Sacco Law Firm, LLC helps you understand the rights you have under Colorado’s relaxed statues.

Contact Sacco Law Firm, LLC if you have any questions or concerns regarding personal possession or need help with your marijuana business. We have helped other business owners in Colorado remain in compliance with state and local regulations pertaining to their marijuana business.