Colorado Real Estate and Property Law

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Representing Residential and Commercial Landlord/Tenants in Colorado

Landlord/Tenant Law can be complex as many specific rules apply differently to landlords than to tenants. Both landlords and tenants have rights under Colorado lawand we are here to assist both landlords and tenants in Greeley, Windsor, Evans, Fort Collins, Fort Morgan, Brush, Weld County, and Larimer County.

To evict a tenant for non-payment of rent, or for other cause, it is important to follow the proper procedures. Otherwise, a landlord may find themselves with an undesirable tenant for a longer period than needed, resulting in time and financial loss.

As a tenant, you have rights to live in a property that is safe, and you should be free from harassment from your landlord. We will be happy to review your lease, discuss the issues you are facing, and help you find the best way to resolve these issues.

Colorado Real Estate and Property Law – Real Estate Transactions in Colorado

While hundreds of Colorado real estate transactions are handled without a single problem on an annual basis, this is generally because an experienced real estate lawyer has helped ensure the process goes smoothly.

At Sacco Law Firm, LLC we can help by reviewing purchase and sale agreements, help negotiate areas of these agreements which could cause disputes, and review funding documents. We understand the commitment to purchase a home for occupancy or investment is a big undertaking and will have an impact on your financial future. Contact Sacco Law Firm, LLC today and let us help you with your real estate transactions.